Friday, May 25, 2012


To Your Kind Attention;

Since Rebels took over goverment in LIBYA, my family have not seen peace, we have been under treat which had eventually taken the life of FOUR Members of my family by Anti-Gaddafi rebels in my home town of Tripoli and across LIBYA refugee camps where I initially fled with my wife, children and other family members. I know this might be unpleasant to contact you in this manner since you do not know or heard about me before, but do see it as a cry by helpless family in dire need of their freedom and foreign assistance of an honest person, My Name is MOHAMMAD ABDULAZIZ Jnr., I am the son of Dr. DJEKE ABDULAZIZ, the Financial adviser to the ousted LIBYAN president MOAMMAR GADHAFI. My father was murdered by the rebels on 20TH July 2011.

My father during his days has saved US$25,000,000.00 {Twenty Five Million U.S. Dollars} in my name with a security company in United Kingdom. Why I am contacting you now is because I have managed with my wife to come over to India. with my children and at the moment we are staying at the refugee camp here in India. Based on our present status as refugees, we are not allow to do business here or to operate bank accounts, so I need you to come and help us take this money out from the Security Company and transfer the funds to your country where you will help us to invest the funds.

What I propose is that since I cannot take these funds out alone with my family, we will need you, your company or organization to come in and represent us as our investor to take and transfer this fund to your home bank account, while you are here, you help us to relocate to your country from here and invest the money on a profitable venture for us in your country and manage the investments until we are free to do so.

If your true and honest assistance is receive and you accept helping us to invest, I am prepared for you to take 25% of the total funds for your own use and in addition, you take 30% of proceeds (profits) make by any investment that is established by you.

Please if my proposal is accepted by you, E-mail me back as soon as you can, for us to discuss on how this could take place.

Replying back will be highly appreciated even when you are not interested in helping us.

Thank you and God/Allah bless.
Best Regards,


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